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Meet FreightPaul All-In-One shipping system

Our free shipping order system allows importers to inquiry, book and manage shipments from China 100% online.

With FreightPaul’s streamlined dashboard, you can access your shipment details, collaborate with your team members and manage all aspects of your shipment at any time.

In shipping and logistics, time is money– why not save both?! Our platform offers you the ability to secure your shipment in seconds at a instant and competitive rate.

Through agreements with top ocean and air carriers, FreightPaul offers its customers access to the best freight rates within the shipping industry. All rates offered by FreightPaul are exclusive for our customers.

FreightPaul’s online dashboard offers you the ability to follow your shipment status in real-time, keeping you informed of your shipment’s physical location at all times.

With our team of online logistics experts, you will have live support from our agents advising and managing each of your shipments. They’re knowledgeable, responsive and motivated to get your shipements to arrive on time giving you shipping peace-of-mind.

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